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After 12 seasons playing Major League Baseball, Brett Myers retired to his
Florida hometown to be with his family. What baseball fans didn't realize, is
for years Myers had been playing guitar and writing songs in the off-season.
From the time he was a young boy, Myers always had a love for country,
classic and hard rock. However, with his rigorous baseball schedule, he
never had a chance to pursue songwriting in a serious manner. One day
while playing golf, he shared some ideas with his musician friend and
producer Damien Starkey (Puddle of Mudd, Burn Season), who was blown
away by his clever concepts. The two began collaborating and crafting songs
in Starkey's studio. Before long, it was undeniable that they had a great
chemistry and the songs to prove it. Since then, Brett has collaborated with
several heavy hitters in the industry including Colt Ford, The LACS and
Bottleneck. In September of 2017 Brett released his 3rd album “Home
Brewed”, a perfect blend of Southern Rock and Country anthems about
drinking and life in the south. Myers has also been taking his show on the
road with his band “The Backwoods Rebels.” This lineup includes former
Shinedown and Fuel guitarist Jasin Todd, Puddle of Mudd guitarist and
bassist Adam Latiff and Damien Starkey, Dylan Hess on drums and Zac
Gilbert on slide. With the great response that the shows and albums have
received, it is apparent that Myers continues to grow his fan base in both the
Country and Southern Rock markets.

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